Art Bio


My work is inspired by a life lived near the sea. I grew up on the rugged Coast of Oregon and now reside in Carlsbad California. If I am not busy with my kids or teaching, you can find me sliding on my longboard in an attempt to find the fine balance of the classic nose-ride. My artistic aesthetic is inspired by countless hours at the beach with my husband and two young children: bright bold colors, tide-pools, mermaids, moon rises, gliding on surreal waves, and our family’s love for all creatures of the sea. After dreaming up crafts, collages, and other creative projects for my children, I began making my own work simultaneously. My recent focus on drawing, painting, and creating with my hands, is a way of connecting the ordinary with the extraordinary; a way of translating the magic and mystery of our everyday lives.

Around you an ocean of air ready to become your breath.
The sacred place where the secrets are revealed is right where you are now!
~The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche